Sakura Binoculars

Which binocular is more powerful? I have to make a choice between 20x180x100 and 21 – 260 X 60 both Sakura?

What? Every binocular stat I’ve ever seen has 2 numbers not 3.

The first number is the magnification, or in other words “power”

2nd number is the size of the objective lens, which determines their light gathering ability (objective lenses are the big ones that are out in front of the binoculars)

So my 10X50 binoculars magnify stuff 10 times and have 50mm objective lenses.

The ones with the biggest first number will be the most “powerful”.

Edit: After looking them up the first one magnifies anywhere from 20-180 times and the 2nd one magnifies anywhere from 21-260 times, making the 21 – 260 X 60 more powerful.

BUT I don’t recommend going with the 2nd one, that’s simply too much magnification for 60mm lenses. Your magnification is going to exceed your light gathering ability and you’re going to be disappointed.

Unless you’re upgrading from inferior binoculars I’d start out with more modest ones. 10X50s are a great starter binocular. And if you do get something with huge magnification like that you’re going to want a tripod. No way you’ll be able to get the image that stable. I have 10X50s and even those are difficult to hold steady enough to get a satisfying image unless you’re looking at the moon or maybe a decent sized deep space object like andromeda galaxy or omega centauri.

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