Skywatcher Digital Scope

A multifunction astronomical and terrestrial mount for small products, Field Scope and cameras.

The Skywatcher Digital Scope Multi function Mount is an exciting breakthrough technology offering point and view astronomical tracking,
plus automatic terrestrial land surveys.

The Skywatcher Digital Scopes are patented mount moves
intuitively about the horizontal and vertical axes ensuring simple,
easy to use operation. No counter-weights or cantilevering to contend
with. The mount is very compact and light weight facilitating easy
transport and storage. The Digital Scope MultiMount is perfect for backyard astronomy or
observing from remote locations while hiking, camping, on vacation, or
enjoying adventures in your RV, Digital Scope INCLUDING Multi Function Mount telescopes.


The Digital Scope MultiMount
is a breeze to operate. After a simple set-up, just point to any
astronomical body in the sky and the mount automatically begins
following the object across the heavens making the stars stand-still.
Without this automatic tracking function, an observer would need to
make manual adjustments to the telescope’s physical viewing orientation
every minute, or so. Therefore MultiMount eliminates the tedium of
manual tracking. The observer benefits greatly from the freedom to
leisurely gaze at the stars in an uninterrupted continuum while
Multimount does all the work of following objects as they traverse the
heavens. Why is astronomical tracking important? Observing
astronomical phenomenon involves following moving targets due to the
Earth’s rotation. View the Moon for a short time with the naked eye and
it appears motionless. Several hours later, however, it will be in a
different location. Seen through a telescope, the Moon is in constant
motion drifting across the eyepiece field. Saturn viewed at higher
power will move through the eyepiece field in less than a minute, very
quickly indeed.


MultiMount includes a
multi location terrestrial surveillance mode. The sophisticated
built-in software allows land surveys for 6 different locations. No
set-up is required to operate in land mode. Astronomical tracking is
turned off for terrestrial survey applications.

The Skywatcher Digital Scopes are given the mount
is kept in, or returned to the same exact physical orientation from
session to session, the software memorizes the positions the telescope
is to point to and automatically goes to these positions on demand. You
simply press the terrestrial “cruise” button and the number of the
location desired, the telescope then moves into viewing position. It is
also possible to command the telescope to cruise to each location in
sequence, stop for a moment, and move on to the next location. You can
scout out your favorite points of interest across the urban panorama
automatically. Enjoy quick access to what is happening at your favorite
bird feeder. Keep an eye on property access points, or use the
technology for thousands of other interesting applications. The mount
accommodates most spotting scopes, cameras, video camcorders, and
binoculars with 1/4″, 20-thread receptors. A Snap cable is provided to
allow automatic imaging at each of the six stopping points while in
sequential “Cruise & Shoot” mode using a compatible digital camera.


MultiMount includes an ergonomically designed multi-speed electronic
hand-controller. Space-age software enables the electronics to
precisely control the sophisticated DC-Servo motors on each axis,
facilitating smooth, accurate vertical and horizontal movement on
demand. While in astronomical tracking mode, the “Guide” speed, (1x),
compensates for the Earth’s rotation making stars stand-still. “Slow”
speed, (4x), allows ultra-fine position changes to center objects in
the eyepiece or Viewfinder. “Fast”, (8x), speed allows relatively quick
gross incremental changes in location. With tracking mode turned off,
the “Guide” speed accelerates to 32x; “Slow” speed to 64x; and “Fast”
becomes a speed-demon at 800x. This allows the flexibility to
transverse huge swaths of sky or terrestrial landscape in just a matter
of seconds.


The Sky-Watcher MultiMount
includes a latitude scale for adjustment of the telescopes equatorial
orientation during the set-up process to facilitate more accurate
tracking. An OFF-ON power switch appears at the bottom of the fork-arm.
Two batteries holders requiring 4-AA size batteries each are housed
inside the cap on the mount’s base. A lever releases the cap to open.
Provision is included for running the mount from AC power using a 12V,
2-Amp DC-adaptor via a DC power port on the fork-arm. An auxiliary jack
is available for powering accessories that might run on 12v DC power
under the fork-arm. Imaging devises with electronic shutters can
utilize the Auto-imaging power-port on the fork-arm to facilitate

The MultiMount’s high-tech appearance is an elegant
silver and black. The telescope has a rigid aluminum frame with
composite material protective covers internalizing motors and


�The Sky-Watcher
MultiMount comes standard with an adjustable height field tripod. Legs
are made of quality metal construction. The three section design of the
tripod collapses for compact transport and storage in an included
storage and transportation case. Tripod has a unique 3/8� screw
threaded bolt that threads into the base of the telescope. (Note: a
regular photo-tripod with 1/4�, 20 thread attachment screw will be too
small to be compatible with MultiMount’s 3/8� threads.)

An L-bracket is provided for attachment of most cameras, camcorders, and spotting scopes with 1/4�, 20-thread receptors.

A cable is provided for imaging while in terrestrial cruise & shot mode using a compatible digital camera

MultiMount requires 8 AA-size batteries – user-supplied.

is offered bundled with selected optical tube assemblies.. The Acuter
digital spotting scope by Skywatcher is a digital camera and spotting
scope combined into one portable instrument.

The Product Features:

70mm ED Glass spotting scope with 14X power� Built-in 3 MP digital camera 2� LCD color flip screen Self-timer for automatic snapshot at a preset interval. �32MB on-board memory with SD card slot available for added memory USB mass storage device USB cable Video capability Digital focus meter ensures sharp and clear images �Digital zoom-4X Camera power adjustable at 6X to 22X User friendly menu buttons Photo/Video tripod adapter Operates on 2-AA batteries (user supplied)The Multi Function Mount:

Quick 3-step setup for celestial object tracking No polar alignment required for solar trackingLatitude input by axis dial on the arm State-of-the-art engineered mount Light weight and portableHand Control to command the motor Slewing speed up to 800X� DC servo motor assembly IR encoder with optical wheel LED display of functionsSingle fork arm with quick mounting tube ring Optical tube or spotting scope (user supplied) up to 4Kg (8.8 pounds)

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